B2B Publishing: Time to Fear?

Photo: Tonie AuerBy Tonie Auer
DFW Chapter President and National Blog Chairwoman

Sometimes, ignorance really is bliss. There are times when I feel like knowing too much information can be scary. I get several daily emails updating me on B2B publishing industry news. A few weeks back, I got one from Folio: that included a link to story wondering if it is time for B2B publishers to panic.

Well, maybe they didn’t need to, but little ol’ freelancing me; I panicked. Turns out the owner of one of my main freelance writing gigs was laying off its newsies. I immediately emailed my editor with a link to the story and he reassured me that he still had an office, so I still had work. *whew* But, what next?

The Folio: article’s source said the sky isn’t falling. So, I’ll take that as some comfort – along with the continued writing gigs – even if they have slowed down some. What is everyone else experiencing, I wonder?

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