ASBPE Award Judging Underway

By Erin Erickson ASBPE Chicago Board Member

Judging is currently underway for this year’s Azbee Awards. With more than 2300 entries this year, the judges are extremely busy tallying their votes.

According to the folks at ASBPE headquarters, all regional and national finalists will be notified via fax and e-mail in early June.

The notifications specifically state if you have won a regional award or a national award. It is not two separate competitions. If you’ve been notified as being a national finalist, it means you will receive an award — Gold, Silver or Bronze. The level of the award is not revealed until the award ceremony.

According to Holly Lundgren, ASBPE award coordinator, “Each finalist will receive an e-mail alerting them to check their fax. They MUST check the faxed notification letter as that is where the information to appear on the plaque is. Each finalist is responsible for ‘proofing’ their own information for the plaque.”

Still have more questions? You can e-mail Holly here.

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