About Our Chapters

ASBPE sponsors local groups across the nation.

Chapter meetings are the main venue for serving the most important purpose of the society: To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas.

Members need not belong to a specific chapter. However, members who live near one of our chapters are automatically considered to be a member of that chapter. Chapters are located in:

Chicago | Cleveland | Central Region | New York | Washington, D.C.

ASBPE chapter meetings help to:

  • Advance the profession
  • Help us work together on common problems

Chapters also help the profession in other ways the chapters’ members choose — for instance, by setting up scholarship or mentoring programs or offering job referrals. And chapters hold local awards banquets in conjunction with the national awards program.

Start a Chapter in Your Area!

Editors and writers are welcome to start chapters in areas where they do not exist. ASBPE supplies staff assistance, editors’ names, publishing-company affiliation, contact information, and promotional materials.

ASBPE also assists in planning and holding the first few meetings and provides initial financial backing to handle such items as startup mailings, postage, etc.

To get started, contact us or fill out our online Chapter Application Form.

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