Strong ethics, good business

A speaker from ASBPE’s GenerationB2B conference explains why strong ethics are good for business. Advertisers strengthen B2B publications, but readers and trust are essential to the industry’s survival. Sometimes advertisers go too far and risk the health of … read more

The evolution of ethics in B2B journalism

By Dan Kubacki Predator and prey. Kerry Knudsen didn’t mince words when describing the relationship between advertisers and readers. “It’s not a symbiotic relationship,” said Knudsen, editor and publisher of W.I. Media Inc. A panel of B2B editors … read more

Welcome to the 2019 ASBPE Ethics Committee Newsletter

Greetings, and welcome to the 2019 ASBPE Ethics Committee newsletter. In this issue we cover editors’ speaking engagements; webinars; trade shows; complaint handling; working with freelancers, and more. And don’t forget about the ethics sessions at GenerationB2B: 2019 … read more

The ethics of working with freelancers

By Kaitlin Morrison Treating freelancers fairly is beneficial for everyone involved: freelancers, publications, and readers. The right way to work with freelancers, though, isn’t always immediately obvious. Publications should think carefully about their relationships to independent contractors they … read more