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ASBPE is the professional association for full-time and freelance editors, writers, art directors, and designers employed in the business, trade, and specialty press. If you work as a journalist in the B2B sector, ASBPE membership is a “must” to gain access to the targeted training and networking that are so vital to your success in the dynamic world of specialized publications — plus you’ll qualify for the prestigious Azbee Awards of Excellence.

Benefits of Joining ASBPE

Membership in ASBPE is free to qualifying B2B journalists and provides a host of benefits to members.

Is Your Voice

Our central focus is helping our members develop their editorial, design and management skills, enhance their performance and prepare them to play larger roles in their publishing organizations. No other journalism association can match ASBPE’s expertise and engagement in the B2B sector.

With Your Peers

Our national conference is a terrific opportunity to network with the profession’s best and brightest. Our local chapters bring you together year-round. Learn how to deal with the management, technical, and financial issues that are shaping your future as a professional and the future of your publication.

Awards of Excellence

Our annual Azbee Awards competition is the largest and most competitive in B2B publishing. The Society recognizes excellence — both in print and digital platforms — in more than 50 categories. Members are eligible for consideration and can enter the competition at a discounted rate.


Now Is the Time to Give Back

May is ASBPE Month. Following ASBPE Month, keep your new-found industry connections thriving and continue learning about B2B publishing by volunteering with ASBPE. … read more

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From The ASBPE Blog

Balance Is Impossible

Managing change can be difficult. The topic will be discussed during ASBPE’s Charting B2B’s Path Forward National Conference Leadership Series tract in May. … read more

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