Connection Point: Frozen & Refrigerated Buyer

Connection Point is a new series designed to connect editors and freelance contributors. Are you an editor looking to hire quality writers, designers and other professionals? Contact us at for information about a free listing. Frozen & … read more

How I learned to love (working with freelancers)

Develop relationships with freelance photographers and illustrators to tell stories in unique ways. Hiring a freelance illustrator or photographer is similar to starting a relationship: It’s thrilling, stressful and sometimes you’ll fight over money. I remember my first … read more

Freelancer Nation: 5 tips for freelancers and editors

By Taryn Oesch Freelancing was a topic I hadn’t thought much about until I attended #GenerationB2B, the ASBPE 2019 National Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. The opening session, “Freelancer Nation,” was presented by Christine Parizo, a freelance B2B … read more

The ethics of working with freelancers

By Kaitlin Morrison Treating freelancers fairly is beneficial for everyone involved: freelancers, publications, and readers. The right way to work with freelancers, though, isn’t always immediately obvious. Publications should think carefully about their relationships to independent contractors they … read more

Why You Need a New (Freelancer) Bestie

By Christine Parizo, Christine Parizo Communications Publications have always used freelancers to fill gaps, but with editorial budgets shrinking, it’s even more important to find and nurture reliable freelancers to contribute content that meets your standards. In today’s … read more