Connection Point: Frozen & Refrigerated Buyer

Connection Point is a new series designed to connect editors and freelance contributors. Are you an editor looking to hire quality writers, designers and other professionals? Contact the Freelance Committee for information about a free listing. Frozen & … read more

How I learned to love (working with freelancers)

Develop relationships with freelance photographers and illustrators to tell stories in unique ways. Hiring a freelance illustrator or photographer is similar to starting a relationship: It’s thrilling, stressful and sometimes you’ll fight over money. I remember my first … read more

Freelancer Nation: 5 tips for freelancers and editors

By Taryn Oesch Freelancing was a topic I hadn’t thought much about until I attended #GenerationB2B, the ASBPE 2019 National Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. The opening session, “Freelancer Nation,” was presented by Christine Parizo, a freelance B2B … read more