Welcome to the 2019 ASBPE Ethics Committee Newsletter

Greetings, and welcome to the 2019 ASBPE Ethics Committee newsletter. In this issue we cover editors’ speaking engagements; webinars; trade shows; complaint handling; working with freelancers, and more.

And don’t forget about the ethics sessions at GenerationB2B: 2019 ASBPE National Conference & Azbee Awards Banquet, May 9-10. Kerry Knudsen, editor and publisher of Coverings and Wood Industry magazines, will lead a session entitled, “Strong Ethics are Good Business,” and we’ll have the ever-popular Ethics Committee Roundtable.

I hope to see you at our annual conference!

JD Solomon
ASBPE Ethics Committee Chair

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Five tips for staying out of the gray zone with webinars
Publications value webinars for their premium pricing and cache as multimedia offerings. But webinars also bring editorial staff into direct contact with advertisers. Find out how to avoid falling through the thin ice. Read article.

Anticipation is the best complaint-handling policy
Try this 10-question ethical challenge to see how good a job you and your team are doing when it comes to handling—and avoiding—reader complaints. Read article.

Eight tips to keep your event coverage on the straight and narrow
Trade shows and events offer business journalists unique opportunities to network with newsmakers. But poor decisions can compromise coverage or, worse, taint a journalist’s hard-won reputation or the publication’s brand. See how to avoid the pitfalls. Read article.

The ethics of working with freelancers
Treating freelancers fairly is beneficial for everyone involved: freelancers, publications, and readers. The right way to work with freelancers, though, isn’t always immediately obvious. Read article.

When an advertiser invites you to speak at their event
When a B2B editor is invited to keynote an industry event, it’s a terrific recognition of their status as a prominent expert in their field. But what happens if it’s an invitation to speak at one of your advertiser’s showcase events? Read article.

Plus, answering a member’s question to the Ethics Committee
Should editors give names of vendor-authors to the ad sales team before the article’s publication? Read article.

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