Good News

By Tonie Auer Finally, there is some good news to report. MinOnline shared it with us earlier this month when they told us that: Trade publishers are starting to see the bottom of a marked decline in their … read more

When One Door Closes …

By Tonie AuerDFW Chapter President Like most aspiring writers (of something beyond the B2B publications), I strive to read quality work. I try to change things up a bit, moving from suspense writers like Deborah Crombie to the … read more

Far-Reaching Impact of Reed Closings

By Nikki Golden That sound you heard April 16 was the clicking sound of a Domino display being set into motion. The closure of the 23 magazines by Reed Business Information will impact a lot more than the … read more

RIP Reed Titles

By Tonie AuerDFW Chapter President By now, we’ve all heard the news about Reed Elsevier shuttering 23 B2B pubs. I don’t think anyone is all that shocked any more. But, what does this mean for B2B publishing? Folio … read more

Sound Off Now About Daunting Editorial Workload

By Howard Rauch Ask any editor about their current workload and you’re sure to get an earful. Tales of woe usually focus on the unfairness of triple-threat job descriptions involving print, web and digital publications. Individuals are quick … read more

Paper Looks Different Today

By Paul Miller I spent my Sunday afternoon going through a ton of old magazines, conference brochures and other 8-1/2″ x 11″ printed materials I’d been filing on some bookshelves of my home office. It was the first … read more

Staying Positive in Tough Times

By Elena Gontar The recession continues and, for some firms, things are not getting better. Most recently, I have been let go from my position as a news writer and editor for one of the leading commercial real … read more

B2B Writing in a Crummy Economy

By Tonie AuerDFW Chapter President Just last week I was part of a conference call informing me that the publication I’ve been writing for since October 2005 has virtually eliminated all of its editorial staff. Now, what had … read more