Building a Stronger Freelance Business

A constant worry for many freelancers is the feast or famine situation — not knowing how to deal with the ebbs and flows of freelance projects and ensure a strong stream of work, and as a result, revenue. … read more

Recognize women role models

Take time to honor accomplishments of women in the media and mentor younger women to grow throughout the year. Last month, one of my college journalism professors shared an article on social media titled, “59 Women in Journalism … read more

Woe Is We?

By Tonie Auer Career Cast did a job satisfaction survey and guess what? Newspaper journalist finished No. 200 out of 200. So, Poynter delved a little deeper for us. But, do we really need Poynter to tell us … read more

Making the Leap from Editor to Content Strategist

Sara Zailskas, a content strategist for, the website for the National Association of Realtors, asks questions editors should consider before they pursue a career as a content strategist. Those who do, Sara says, may find a more lucrative and stable career than … read more

Is Your Job the Enemy of Your Career?

“ ‘I don’t know that there will be jobs. There will be careers,’ said Charles Whitaker, a professor at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, which teaches more about the business side of media than in the past. ‘We’re … read more