Facebook Mania

By Elena Gontar When I first heard of Facebook I thought it was a social network website to communicate with friends and connect with long lost acquaintances. I thought it would be primarily for people who want to … read more

Unemployed? Here’s a Tip

The headline says it all: “support.com to Laid-Off Journalists: ‘We’ve Got Your Back’ ” Looks like support.com hopes to get in the good graces of laid off journalists, so when they go back to work, they’ll sing their … read more

What in the World is a Magazine Editor?

By Tonie AuerDFW Chapter President A day in the life of a journalist is seldom routine or boring. I find myself switching gears from covering the construction industry in Texas to commercial real estate nationwide. And, then there … read more

B2B Writing in a Crummy Economy

By Tonie AuerDFW Chapter President Just last week I was part of a conference call informing me that the publication I’ve been writing for since October 2005 has virtually eliminated all of its editorial staff. Now, what had … read more

Do-It-Yourself Roundtable

If you’re in or around the Chicago area on June 5, it may be worth your time to attend the Chicago ASPBE chapter’s first Do-It-Yourself Roundtable discussion. Why do-it-yourself? Because we realize that more heads are better than … read more

Feeling Positive Amongst the Negatives

By Tonie Auer DFW Chapter President Our industry is hurting, and I’m not talking about media and journalism alone, but also B2B publishing. Two of my dear friends and former editors were laid off just a few weeks … read more