Unemployed? Here’s a Tip

The headline says it all: “support.com to Laid-Off Journalists: ‘We’ve Got Your Back’ ”

Looks like support.com hopes to get in the good graces of laid off journalists, so when they go back to work, they’ll sing their praises.

According to a news release, support.com, a remote technology service company, recognizes the contributions of journalists to the American way of life and is offering unemployed members of the media across the U.S. three free months of remote PC service to ensure they can maintain the tools of their trade as they look for new jobs or set up freelance work.

To take advantage of this offer, unemployed journalists should e-mail a link of a recent clip to journalist@support.com between now and August 31, 2009, to get a code good for three free months of support.com services. The code may be redeemed at www.support.com.

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