Facebook Mania

By Elena Gontar

When I first heard of Facebook I thought it was a social network website to communicate with friends and connect with long lost acquaintances. I thought it would be primarily for people who want to reach out to those they know. And apparently that was the idea a few years ago, when Facebook was first invented. It was initially restricted to college and high school kids to chat and swap photos with friends. But all that changed a couple of years later, when more and more people joined Facebook.

But lately I was surprised to find out that mid- and large-size businesses use Facebook to promote their organizations and/or their company’s missions and goals. It’s amazing. I find it incredible that Facebook not only helps people find each other, but also assists companies in advancing their businesses. I’ve been on a few job interviews in the last few months and Facebook has been mentioned almost every time.
I personally joined Facebook a few months ago to network with my former co-workers and to find out what happened to people I haven’t heard from in years. Facebook keeps you up to date with your friends/colleagues and you don’t have to go far to connect with someone. Some people are more open than others. While some might basically keep a journal on Facebook for everyone to read, others don’t display much information about themselves. For instance, I personally don’t write much about myself on Facebook – I’ve always been sort of a private person – but I just love to read what others write.
So, if you are not on Facebook yet, what are you waiting for? Join now. I think it’s addictive. And if you are looking for a job, like me, you’ll find it that almost every business is on Facebook . So, you’d better be prepared and explore it now…

Elena Gontar is a real estate writer in Brooklyn. She can be reached at elenagontar@gmail.com.

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