Woe Is We?

By Tonie Auer

Career Cast did a job satisfaction survey and guess what? Newspaper journalist finished No. 200 out of 200. So, Poynter delved a little deeper for us. But, do we really need Poynter to tell us that reporter is a crummy job? Throw editor in there, too, for good measure, and you’ll get no arguments from most of us in the news industry.

As the ASBPE contest committee chairman, I can tell you how hard it is to get an editor or writer to take on a volunteer gig to judge entries. And, who can blame them? We are all doing more with less. How many of you are doing the jobs of three people? Yeah, I see all of you raising your hands. It’s not uncommon anymore. Those of us who still have a budget, at all, count ourselves blessed.

Although, I still think I’d rather be a writer/editor than a janitor, bus driver, or garbage man. But, maybe that’s just me.


Photo of Tonie Auer
Tonie Auer

Tonie Auer is the past president of ASBPE’s Dallas/Fort Worth chapter. She helped launch the ASBPE National Blog and served as the blog committee chairwoman from its launch until mid-2010. She is an award-winning journalist working as a real estate writer for Bisnow on Business covering Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin.

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