National Coalition Against Censorship, ASBPE and more than 80 other journalism organizations condemn President’s efforts to demonize the media

The National Coalition Against Censorship, American Society of Business Publication Editors, and more than 80 other journalism organizations have condemned President Donald Trump’s efforts to demonize the media and undermine its ability to inform the public about official actions and policies. In a joint statement released on March 2nd, 2017, the groups stress that the administration’s attacks on the press pose a threat to American democracy.

The statement details the groups’ concern about President Trump’s refusal to answer questions or allow certain media representatives into briefings, his expressions of disdain for the press and its role in democracy, falsely charging the media with covering up terrorist attacks, and multiple claims  that the media “failing” and “dishonest” for reporting in a manner that he does not like.

The statement concludes with a condemnation “in the strongest possible terms all efforts by elected and appointed officials to penalize, delegitimize, or intimidate members of the press.”

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