What You Need, When You Need It

Photo: Tonie Auer By Tonie Auer
DFW Chapter President and National Blog Chairwoman

I am on a few different journalism email distribution lists. I get things coming to my inbox that direct me to the latest firings, hirings and scandals related to news outlets. Some of it is garbage and, occasionally, some of it is golden. Last week, I found one of those nuggets that I think could be really useful to newsies of all sorts.

It came to me via the Editors Weblog about how IFRA started IFRA Search. Oooooh, this is the coolest thing to me. IFRA Search, however, is engineered for media professionals who demand specific, current and reliable results about the news publishing industry.

Go try it. I did a search for improving circulation and up pop several summaries at newspaper summits about growing circulation and changing newsrooms. The same Web search on a generic search engine came up with nothing but medical sites. So, you can see how it is helpful to weed out those results immediately.

I think it’s an ingenious tool for all of us in the publishing world.

By the way, happy St. Patrick’s Day. I am even wearing green in my new mug shot here. 🙂

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