Does Your Website or Blog Have a Style Guide?

Erin Erickson
ASBPE Chicago Chapter

Does your website or blog have a style guide? Should it?

Jonathan Bailey’s post on BlogHerald raises a great point about the importance of an online style guide.

I have seen style guides for print magazines become so elaborate that they have subsections of subsections. Yet when discussing resources and writing styles for online, these mammoth guides only devote a page to acceptable and non-acceptable sources or how to write web-related words.

If we’re striving for brand recognition both in both print and online, shouldn’t we devote the same thought to our web style as we do our print style?

It is worthy to note that this post is geared mainly toward bloggers and not necessarily j-school trained writers; however, it offers a few bulleted items to consider for your own website/blog style guide. Notice the similarities between this and what your print style guide suggests (see the post for the entire list):

  • What is your post frequency?
  • Do you standardize your post titles? (capitalization, punctuation)
  • Attribution
  • Artistic contributions

Once you have decided on your web style, how do you deliver it to your writers? We’ll cover that in the next installment of “Does your website or blog have a style guide?”

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