Social Media Etiquette from

By Erin Erickson, ASBPE Chicago Vice President Time for another post from a social media geek at ASBPE. This post, compliments of, offers seven tips for career-related social media etiquette. Some of the tips include not joining … read more

How Social Should Social Media Be?

By Erin Erickson, ASBPE Chicago Board Member Social media. It’s what sets apart the old, late-90’s era from what has affectionately become known as Web 2.0. It is because of social media that we have Facebook, LinkedIn, … read more

Are you LinkedIn?

Erin Erickson,Chicago Chapter Board member Your spouse may be doing it; the guy in the next cubicle probably is; even your high school English teacher has probably dabbled in it. It’s LinkedIn and it’s the “professional version MySpace,” … read more

ASBPE Award Judging Underway

By Erin Erickson ASBPE Chicago Board Member Judging is currently underway for this year’s Azbee Awards. With more than 2300 entries this year, the judges are extremely busy tallying their votes. According to the folks at ASBPE headquarters, … read more