Journalism’s Dinosaurs Need to Get on Board or Go Home

Photo: Erin EricksonBy Erin Erickson
ASBPE Chicago Chapter Board Member

I have just about had it with the journalism dinosaurs that refuse to learn to use the Internet. If I had a nickel for every request I’ve received to do a Google search I would be as rich as Sergey Brin or Larry Page. Those requests don’t even count the numerous times I’ve had to post something for someone who refused to learn the article uploading software that a five year old could master.

This is the 21st century. If you call yourself a journalist and can’t figure out how to do an internal search of your own magazine’s website, you need to pack it in and retire or find a new profession. Stop using the “I just don’t get the Internet” as an excuse to act like your time is more valuable than mine.

Move over dinosaurs. It’s time to let the Internet generation through.

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