Does your Website or Blog have a Style Guide? Part 2: Electronic Style Guide

Erin Erickson
ASBPE Chicago Chapter

As a follow-up to this post about blog and website style guides, you should also be thinking about how you can update your style guide in a more timely manner.

You may want to consider transferring your print style guide to an electronic one. Here’s how:

  • Take blogging software. Platforms like Blogger and WordPress offer easy-to-use software at absolutely no cost.
  • Both platforms offer a privacy setting so you grant access only to those staff writers and contributors who write for your publication.

  • Begin uploading your style guide. For each section, create a new post, a new post headline, etc., and a label (Numbers, Tone, Audience, Contributor Requirements).

  • Consider adding links to commonly used resources (both within the body of the entry and in a link list on the side of the page). For example, if you use an ftp site for uploading images, place a link on the blog that directs users to the ftp site. You can make your style guide as elaborate or as simple as your needs require.

  • What also makes this kind of style guide more efficient is the ability to apply an RSS feed to it. Rather than resend a print version to your writers every time you would like to update, include a feed and the new information will populate your user’s readers instantly.

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