Training for crisis

AlertNet, Reuters’ humanitarian news network, has launched a training video for journalists covering conflicts and disasters. The video highlights AlertNet for Journalists, a toolkit including crisis briefings, aid agency news feeds, interactive training and more.

While most of us in the B2B publishing industry won’t be covering a war or what goes on in a refugee camp, there are still pieces of this that may be applicable to your position. What happens if a disgruntled former employee goes postal at one of the biggest companies you cover in your field? You are now covering a disaster. While you may be a weekly or monthly, you are likely to update your pub’s website with the breaking news or you may need to do the more analytical piece on the event, but you can use the crisis training.

Posted by Tonie Auer, president of the DFW Chapter of the ASBPE and national ASBPE blog chairwoman.

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