Winners! ASBPE 2013 Midwest/South Region Awards

Winners! ASBPE 2013 Midwest/South Region Awards

Following the recent ASBPE Award Banquet in Chicago, you can download a list of the winners for the Midwest/South Region awards (25K PDF). Regional gold winners are listed below, but please download the full document to see all winners in all categories. Click here to view a list of the National Azbee Award winners (25K PDF).


Additionally, for winners of those awards: If you would like to order plaques that commemorate your accomplishment, you can download the plaque re-order form (37K PDF) and follow the directions to order more.

Congratulations once again to the winners!

ASBPE 2013 Midwest/South Region Gold Award Winners

Editorial/Editor’s Letter
Revenue Over $2M
Plant Services
From the Editor
June 2012 and December 2012
Mike Bacidore, Editor in Chief, Plant Services

Editorial/Editor’s Letter
Revenue Under $2M
Conduct Unbecoming & Sex, Drugs, and Fatty Foods
October & December 2012
Exhibitor Media Group

Feature Article – Group Effort
Automotive News
Jan. 30, 2012
Amy Wilson, Jamie LaReau, Mike Colias and Automotive News editorial staff

Feature Article – Impact/Investigative Feature
Automotive News
Sporty store is a no-go at GM
Oct. 22, 2012
David Barkholz

Feature Article: In-depth Feature, More than 1,000 Word
Smarter Reality
March 2012
Jim Montague

Feature Article: Solo Author
Diversity Executive
The BRIC Woman s Trials When Getting Ahead
September/October 2012
Diversity Executive Editorial Staff

Individual Profile
Don Zietlow: Retail Leader of the Year
December 2012
Angel Abcede

Organizational Profile
Hardware Retailing
The Secret Garden
August 2012
Jaime Koch

Regular Column, Contributed
Better Roads
Kirk Landers
March 2012, June 2012
Kirk Landers

Special Section
DTN/The Progressive Farmer
Global Foodscapes
September Issue
Gregg Hillyer, Donovan Harris, Brent Warren, Jim Patrico, Charles Johnson, Barb
Baylor Anderson, Howard G. Buffet

Special Supplement
Meetings Focus International
May 2012
Tyler Davidson, Lori Tenny, Scott Easton, Evan Brownfield, Kelsey Farabee,
Zachary Chouteau


Feature Article Design
Revenue Over $2M
Building Design+Construction
14 Great Solutions
Dec 2012
Elena Mengarelli, Tim Gregorski, Robert Cassidy

Feature Article Design
Revenue Under $2M
Music Inc.
Music Inc. November Cover Article
November 2012
Andy Williams

Front Cover – Computer Generated
Revenue Over $2M
Plant Services
Energy Efficiency by the Numbers
November 2012
Derek Chamberlain

Front Cover – Computer Generated
Revenue Under $2M
Industrial Networking
Can we solve social media?
2012 – Quarter 4
The Industrial Networking Team

Front Cover – Illustration
Reaching New Heights
January 2012
Doug Ponte/Michael Witte

Front Cover – Photo
Revenue Over $2M
Farm Industry News
Growing the Gold cover
September 2012
Lynn Varpness, Mike Krivit

Front Cover – Photo
Revenue Under $2M
Food Processing
Hail to the Chef
March 2012
Brian Hertel

Opening Page/Spread – Computer Generated
Shaping Sustainable Cost Control
June 2012
Doug Ponte/Pep Montserrat

Opening Page/Spread – Illustration
The Seven Deadly Sins of the New-Build Process
April 2012
Exhibitor Media Group

Opening Page/Spread – Photo
Beyond Compliance
March 2012
Doug Ponte/Kim Cook

Publication Redesign
Columbia Business Times
Betsy Bell, Kristin Branscom, Sarah Redohl, Jake Klinghammer, Chris Harrison, Al
Germond and Dave Baugher