Winners! ASBPE 2013 West Region Awards

Winners! ASBPE 2013 West Region Awards

You can now download a list of the winners for the West Region Azbee awards (25K PDF). Regional gold winners are listed below, but please download the full document to see all winners in all categories. Click here to view a list of the National Azbee Award winners (25K PDF).


Additionally, for winners of those awards: If you would like to order plaques that commemorate your accomplishment, you can download the plaque re-order form (37K PDF) and follow the directions to order more.

Congratulations once again to the winners!

ASBPE 2013 Central/Southeast Region Gold Award Winners

Editorial/Editor’s Letter
Revenue Over $2M
Transmission & Distribution World
Global Viewpoint
October and November 2012
Rick Bush

Editorial/Editor’s Letter
Revenue Under $2M
Managed Healthcare Executive
For Your Benefit
September and October 2012
Julie Miller

Feature Article – Impact/Investigative Feature
National Underwriter Life & Health
The Complete ELNY Saga: 21 Years of Mismanagement, Corruption, Broken
Promises and Shattered Lives
November 2012
Bill Coffin, Elizabeth Festa, Warren Hersch, Shawn Moynihan & Michael Stanley

Feature Article: In-depth Feature, More than 1,000 Word
California Lawyer
Section 8 Tenants Unwelcome
July 2012
Victoria Schlesinger

Feature Article: Solo Author
Regulating the Carbon Away
March 2012
Louise Poirier

Individual Profile
Oregon Business
The Divide
July/Aug 2012
Linda Baker

Organizational Profile
CIO Digest
IT Social Togetherness
Patrick E. Spencer, Joy Jacob

Regular Column, Contributed
Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Illustrated Catastrophes
January 2012, February 2012
Mike Eby, Ellen Parson, Stefanie Kure, David Eckhart, Joe Tedesco


Feature Article Design
10 Tips to Nurture Creativity in the Workplace
August 2012
David Basler, Blair Potter, Jeff Daigle

Front Cover – Computer Generated
Revenue Over $2M
September Cover
September 2012
David Basler, Blair Potter, Jeff Daigle

Front Cover – Computer Generated
Revenue Under $2M
Trends magazine
July 2012 Cover
July 2012
Robin Baker

Front Cover – Illustration
Senior Market Advisor
Senior Nation
July 2012
Mary Shaub, Daniel Williams, Maria Wood

Front Cover – Photo
Arizona Attorney Magazine
Lawyers Go Green
April 2012
Karen Holub, Art Director

Opening Page/Spread – Computer Generated
The Curse of the Bored Attendees
September 2012
David Basler, Blair Potter, Jeff Daigle

Opening Page/Spread – Photo
HousingWire Magazine
Straight Up
August 2012
Greg Lakloufi, Rosangel de Moreira

Publication Redesign
CIO Digest
CIO Digest Redesign
April versus October
Joy Jacob, Patrick E. Spencer