Winners! ASBPE 2013 Central/Southeast Region Awards

Winners! ASBPE 2013 Central/SouthEast Region Awards

Following the recent ASBPE Award Banquet in Chicago, you can download a list of the winners for the Central/Southeast Region awards (25K PDF). Regional gold winners are listed below, but please download the full document to see all winners in all categories. Click here to view a list of the National Azbee Award winners (25K PDF).


Additionally, for winners of those awards: If you would like to order plaques that commemorate your accomplishment, you can download the plaque re-order form (37K PDF) and follow the directions to order more.

Congratulations once again to the winners!

ASBPE 2013 Central/Southeast Region Gold Award Winners

Editorial/Editor’s Letter
Revenue Over $2M
Crain’s Cleveland Business
“Get to it” and “Don’t fiddle”
Jan. 30 and May 21, 2012
Mark Dodosh

Editorial/Editor’s Letter
Revenue Under $2M
EHS Today
“I’ve Got Gas!” and “I’m Mad as Hell!”
September 2012/December 2012
Sandy Smith

Feature Article – Group Effort
Lifelong Design
June 2012
Mark A. Newman, Stacey Freed, Ingrid Bush, Sal Alfano, Pete Morelewicz

Feature Article – Impact/Investigative Feature
Signs of Life
May 2012
Amy Albert

Feature Article: In-depth Feature, More than 1,000 Word
The Burden of History
April 2012
Eric Wills

Feature Article: Solo Author
Welcome to the Boomtown
July 2012
Reed Karaim, author; Eric Wills, Senior Editor, Features

Individual Profile
Florida Trend
First Down
Lilly Rockwell

Organizational Profile
Jersey Boys
January/February 2012
Craig Webb, Brian Walker

Regular Column, Contributed
Smart Business Cleveland
Tips from the Top
May 2012, August 2012
Michael Feuer

Special Section
Credit Union Strategy & Performance (CUSP)
Anatomy of a Leadership Culture
4Q 2011 – publishes in March 2012
Rebecca Wessler

Special Supplement
Lawn & Landscape
State of the Industry Report
Oct. 2012
Chuck Bowen, Brian Horn, Kristen Hampshire, Lindsey Getz


Feature Article Design
Revenue Over $2M
Flights of Fancy
February 2012
Art Director: Pete Morelewicz, Designer: Allison Levy; Photographer: Greg

Feature Article Design
Revenue Under $2M
Civil Engineering
Sculpting a Skyscraper
September 2012
Jeff Roth

Front Cover – Computer Generated
Revenue Over $2M
August 2012
Art Director: Pete Morelewicz; Designer: Allison Levy; Illustrator: Nancy Harris
Rouemy, Ingrid Bush, Sal Alfano

Front Cover – Computer Generated
Revenue Under $2M
September 2012: Take Flight
September 2012
Pete Morelewicz, Allison Levy, Craig Webb

Front Cover – Illustration
Recycling Today
Hearty Appetite
April 2012
Karen Angus

Front Cover – Photo
Revenue Over $2M
REALTOR® Magazine
The Connector
January/February 2012
Julie Fournier, Manager of Creative Design

Front Cover – Photo
Revenue Under $2M
The Sports Issue
May/June 2012
Chris Collinson, Christine Born, Matt Love, Libby Hoppe

Opening Page/Spread – Computer Generated
Security Management
Machine Politics–design
October 2012
Roy Patrick Comiskey, Brian Stauffer

Opening Page/Spread – Illustration
Scotsman Guide, residential edition
Don’t Get Blown Off Course by AIR Misconceptions
November 2012
Dennis Wunsch

Opening Page/Spread – Photo
Windpower Engineering & Development
Fire Island, Alaska
September 2012
Mark Rook, Creative Director; Photography, Dennis Schwartz

Publication Redesign
Technology@CU Redesign
4Q 2011 – publishes in March 2012
Michelle Hoopes, Aaron Pugh