SEO Best Practices

By Maureen Alley The practice of search engine optimization is foreign to some journalists. Though it is a growing practice with some publishing houses that require their journalists to implement SEO on their websites, its still leaves some … read more

Winning Standards, Despite Challenges

By Amy Florence Fischbach2009 Awards Competition Chair Publications are still meeting their readers’ needs for useful, timely, and in-depth information. The 2009 Print Azbees prove it. Despite the challenges of working with streamlined staffs and fewer resources, award-winning … read more

New Media Tips

By Maureen Alley During my five years in business-to-business trade, I’ve learned a great deal about niche marketing and writing. I’ve also learned a great deal about magazine production. Additionally, I’ve learned I have a huge passion for … read more

Highlights from New-Media Webinar

By Martha SpizziriASBPE Web Editor “Anyone can launch a media brand. The time is right now, especially because buying behavior has changed.” That’s the judgment of Joe Pulizzi, who copresented the ASBPE webinar “A B2B Journalist’s Guide to … read more

Building Your Wings on the Way Down

By Harry McCrackenEditor, Technologizer “You’ve got to walk up to the edge of the cliff, jump off, and build your wings on the way down.” I didn’t hear Ray Bradbury say that until I saw him interviewed in … read more

Are B2B Editors Experiencing a Leadership Lapse?

By Howard RauchPresident of Editorial Solutions Inc. If you believe everything you read on industry websites, the biggest impending trend is the abandonment of print in favor of a stronger website position (whatever that means). Recent blogs and … read more