Web 2.0 in Plain English

By Martha SpizziriASBPE Web Editor Still confused by RSS? Not sure what social bookmarking is or why people would want to use it? The folks at Common Craft can help you out. They’ve produced a series of videos … read more

What You Need, When You Need It

By Tonie AuerDFW Chapter President and National Blog Chairwoman I am on a few different journalism email distribution lists. I get things coming to my inbox that direct me to the latest firings, hirings and scandals related to … read more

Online Training: Fact Checking and Managing Change

By Martha SpizziriASBPE Web Editor Two online training programs have recently caught my eye: Tomorrow afternoon, News University is offering a one-hour webinar titled Managing Change: Five Steps to Success. Topics to be addressed include (direct quote from … read more

How WWW Changed the World of Publishing

By Thomas R. TeminMedia and Government Consulting After 30 years in business-to-business publishing, I decided to hang my shingle as a consultant. One reason resulted from a question I was asked at an industry conference. The organizers had … read more

Is the News Ever Finished?

By Tonie Auer National Blog Chairwoman and DFW Chapter President I read an interesting blog post on how the Internet and World Wide Web have impacted the way we cover the news. The idea is that a story … read more

Getting Things Done

By Steven RollASBPE President Like most people, I begin each year by making several resolutions relating to productivity. I often resolve to get more exercise by doing my morning run at 5 am. This year I did it … read more