Learning from the Sherrod Fiasco

By Maureen Alley Anyone who has been paying attention to the news last week should be aware of the Shirley Sherrod mess that hit Washington. She was the U.S. Department of Agriculture employee who was fired for being … read more

Yahoo Style Guide: Web Stands on its Own

By Maureen Alley Recently Yahoo launched its Style Guide for the Web. Up until now, we’ve relied on our print style guides and adapted them to our Web presence. Oftentimes, the print writing style doesn’t apply to the … read more

New Blog Chairman

By Maureen Alley I am excited to join ASBPE as the new blog chairman – taking over for Tonie Auer. Tonie has driven this blog to where it is today. She has recruited industry heavy-hitters to write on … read more

Taking Advantage of Productivity

By Maureen Alley I’ve been working as a freelancer from home for the last few months. Prior, I worked in the traditional cubical office space that many of you work in. I was used to the scheduled 8-to-5 … read more

Operating Your Online News Feed

By Maureen Alley How do you operate your online news feed? Do you repurpose what you find in your Lexis-Nexis file? Please say no. If you don’t write your own news for your site, tell me, why would … read more

We Grow Media: In-the-Trenches Help

By Maureen Alley Business-to-business editors often feel pulled in many directions in order to meet deadlines, often leaving the Web ignored. But Dan Blank, founder of We Grow Media, is looking to change that. Blank wants to bring … read more

Google Makes Social Networking a Must

By Maureen Alley At the end of 2009, Google announced that it was going to start indexing Twitter as well as adding real-time activity into search results. These two announcements make participation on the real-time Web more important … read more

Look Into the Numbers

By Maureen Alley Journalism and new media experienced a front-end collision in the last few years. Social media, faster news cycles and increased demand from all angles are driving journalists to report more at faster rates. And with … read more

Print and Digital: What’s the Best Mix?

By Maureen Alley Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that are the most innovative. The magazine industry has been trying to figure out for some time how to manage digital opportunities with its print products. And with that, some … read more

Success Means Using Second-Day Approach

By Maureen Alley Social media, RSS feeds, newsletters, blogs, video and more are everywhere allowing for faster and easier news syndication and information sharing. Great news, right? Well, it could be hurting your brand if you’re not doing … read more