SEO Best Practices

By Maureen Alley The practice of search engine optimization is foreign to some journalists. Though it is a growing practice with some publishing houses that require their journalists to implement SEO on their websites, its still leaves some … read more

New Media Tips

By Maureen Alley During my five years in business-to-business trade, I’ve learned a great deal about niche marketing and writing. I’ve also learned a great deal about magazine production. Additionally, I’ve learned I have a huge passion for … read more

Facing the Pressures of Reporting

By Maureen Alley A well-respected retired Chicago journalist spoke to my journalism graduate class the other night. His passion in reporting and researching important stories for his readers was hard to miss. From the start of his discussion, … read more

Social Media and the Introvert

By Maureen Alley To be successful online, branding and self-promotion is a must. But for most editor and writer types, this involves pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. It’s not news that most editors and writers are typically … read more