We Grow Media: In-the-Trenches Help

By Maureen Alley

Business-to-business editors often feel pulled in many directions in order to meet deadlines, often leaving the Web ignored. But Dan Blank, founder of We Grow Media, is looking to change that. Blank wants to bring back passion into the media world, and help us learn from each other – across all industries. The company was officially launched in December 2009, but started to take shape the third week of April.

“I talked to b-to-b editors, publishers, family and friends, and the common thread was that people felt overwhelmed,” Blank says. “These are really smart experts, and I want to help them leverage tools to create meaning, drive careers and fulfillment.”

Blank adds that too often those in the media have been reacting instead of creating. Instead of creating a YouTube channel because you feel like you have to, Blank says, b-to-b editors need to look at what the ultimate goal is. And We Grow Media is there to help determine what the goal should be, and how to accomplish it.

We Grow Media provides tips, in-the-trenches information, and works directly with individuals. In addition, the company will offer virtual courses: structured courses and one-on-one work. Blank wants to personalize what people need.

“Not just learn, but create. What are we creating?” Blank says. “I know they are overwhelmed and burned out, but they believe in what they’re doing. This is an opportunity for you as an editor. So many are reacting; what are your goals?

We Grow Media has a blog and daily newsletter discussing “in-the-trenches” information. For more information on the company or to contact Blank, e-mail him at dan@danblank.com or call (973) 981-8882.

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