Webinar: Ten Trends that Could Make (or Break) Our Editorial Careers

Today’s editors are in a rare position: We have the chance to help shape a new media platform. Among other things, that means we ll have to work to retain journalistic standards, even as we create a new type of media presence. And of course, we ll have to learn to put aside our assumptions and make use of multiplatform communication and interaction.

Join ASBPE’s next webinar on Thursday, April 29, to hear Jim Sulecki, director of e-media at Meister Media Worldwide, describe 10 trends that could make or break our editorial careers. In this webcast, he ll have advice on how to make sure these trends do the former.

Among the 10 trends to be covered:

1. We and our publications will be measured.
2. Our content will become co-creative with our audiences.
3. Editorial content will focus predominantly on analysis and exclusives.
4. We are in the entertainment (and information) business.
5. We (not publishers) will be the primary marketers of our content.
6. No one will pay us or our publishers directly for our content.
7. The fading bright line between editorial and sales may grow dimmer.
8. Content will be read on mobile devices as often as on computer screens.
9. Print content will go the premium route.
10. The Millennials will want our content, but in different packages.

Event details:
Date: Thursday, April 29th, 2010
Time: 12:30 to 1:30 pm EST
Location: Your desktop computer.
Cost: $20 for members, $45 for non-members

To register:

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About Jim Sulecki
Jim Sulecki has more than 25 years of editorial, publishing management and sales/marketing experience in business-to-business and consumer media. Currently he manages Meister Media Worldwide s 20 brand and custom websites, 12 branded e-newsletters, custom e-media, webinars, and online video/audio, crafting sales and marketing strategies and developing online content and search engine optimization programs. He was named Innovator in Business Media: Online Executives by BtoB Media Business magazine in June 2009.

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