New Blog Chairman

By Maureen Alley

I am excited to join ASBPE as the new blog chairman – taking over for Tonie Auer. Tonie has driven this blog to where it is today. She has recruited industry heavy-hitters to write on this space, and posted her own insights into the B2B world that are so valuable.

Staying up-to-date and current in the ever-changing world we live and work in is imperative for success. I hope to continue that here on ASBPE’s blog, and provide the content that helps you learn and stay ahead of the curves needed to do your jobs better.

A little background on me: I have been in the B2B magazine publishing space since 2005, starting out as assistant editor for Residential Design & Build magazine (property of Cygnus Business Media). I moved up the ladder by learning new technologies, being a sponge, and keeping my nose to the grindstone. I left RD&B in 2009 as managing editor to accept a position as managing editor for Website Magazine. Sad to leave the RD&B group, but I knew WM would provide me with the opportunity to learn more about the Web industry than I could on my own.

In November, I resigned from Website Magazine to move back to Wisconsin. Since the move, I have been freelance editing and writing for various B2B magazines, the local paper, and am now editor for Woodland Management magazine.

I have a strong passion in good, quality content, the B2B magazine industry, and relying on each other to learn new ways of our jobs.

Please let me know if you’d like to contribute to this blog, or if you have any insight on topics we should be covering.

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