Hello From Your New Blog Chair

By Jay Campbell [I know the site looks different. I had to update to a newer theme to do what I hope are some interesting things with this blog, and the old one just wasn’t working for me. … read more

Is Your Content Valuable?

Checking for valuable content within your publishing channels can refocus your resources to meet your audience and business goals. By Sara Zailskas Walsh Are you producing valuable content? You’re likely inclined to say, “Yes, of course what we … read more

LinkedIn Groups Help Blog Posts Soar

400. Four hundred. FOUR HUNDRED! This is how many times my blog post, “ ‘CFA credential implies a standard of care not always upheld,’ says Forbes opinion piece”, was shared, according to the ShareThis widget on my blog. … read more

To Blog or Not to Blog, That Is the Question

By Tonie AuerDFW Chapter President Occasionally, other bloggers can say things so much better than I can. This time, it’s Joe Pulizzi. The author, speaker and strategist for content marketing and founder of content matching site Junta42 marked … read more

Make Yourself Indispensable

By Tonie AuerDFW Chapter President Covering real estate in a down economy makes story creation a bit limited at times. But, I’m taking the advice that a commercial real estate broker gave some “young guns” at a recent … read more

Do-It-Yourself Roundtable, Part 2

As we blogged about on Sept. 3, here is the second part of the notes taken by the Chicago chapter of the ASBPE held its first Do-It-Yourself Roundtable discussion. Some of the information gathered included using Twitter and … read more

New Media Tips

By Maureen Alley During my five years in business-to-business trade, I’ve learned a great deal about niche marketing and writing. I’ve also learned a great deal about magazine production. Additionally, I’ve learned I have a huge passion for … read more

First Kill All the Bloggers?

By Steven RollASBPE President If you see a blogger on a bicycle, why should you swerve to avoid hitting him? It might be your bicycle! What do you call 100 bloggers buried up to their necks in sand? … read more

Value-Added Blogging

By Tonie AuerDFW Chapter President. I’m on a few different email distribution lists and sometimes I get useful information and other times, I’m simply hitting delete. More often than not, I don’t have time to read them. The … read more