Do-It-Yourself Roundtable, Part 2

As we blogged about on Sept. 3, here is the second part of the notes taken by the Chicago chapter of the ASBPE held its first Do-It-Yourself Roundtable discussion.

Some of the information gathered included using Twitter and Productivity Tools.

TweetDeck – Downloadable application for your computer that offers “one-stop-shop” for posting, retweeting, replying, direct messaging, following topics, searching for topics.

Twhirl – Downloadable desktop application for posting, replying to and shortening URLs for Tweets.

Twitterfeed – allows you to pull in RSS feeds and send them into your Twitter stream. – allows you to shorten URLS and track click throughs on Tweets.

Twitter Search – lets you search for topics, words, etc. to find out what is trending or who is talking about it.

Tweeters to follow:


More Twitter Tips

  • Use PowerTwitter on Firefox (as opposed to IE).
  • If you’re going to be Tweeting as a group, use your pub name and real name:
    FoodProcessing_Erin (not a real address)
    ErinErickson (not a real address)
  • If you use your real name to tweet for your brand, but be careful not to mix too much pleasure with business:
    FoodProcessing_Erin: Pepsi CEO steps down; cites unruly eyebrow
    FoodProcessing_Erin: OMG that bartender is hot!
  • Use #hashtags to point out keywords in your tweets. Be sure to see if such a hashtag exists already.
  • @Twitter the “@” is part of your address.
  • RT = ReTweet
    Example of a retweet:
    @Ehal76 RT@foodprocessing Looking for examples of your favorite ice cream flavor. DM me your ideas!
  • DM = Direct Message


Fan Pages. Similar to personal Facebook pages. Can post images, videos, Twitter feeds and RSS feeds which people can “friend” and see updates from. It will not show who created it.

Use Facebook’s Twitter application to feed tweets into Facebook.

Use RSS Feed to feed tweets into Facebook – OR – Twitterfeed + Twitter application will feed your RSS into Facebook.

Group Pages

  • Are related around a cause or commonality.
  • Can not be “friended” but joined.
  • People need to visit the page to find out updates. Will not feed into their Updates.
  • Person who created the group is visible to others.


You can create widgets for your site(s) to display Twitter posts, RSS feeds, news updates.


Usually two types of B2B blogs:

  • Personal/Personality blogs can be informative, controversial or instructional (or all three).
  • Group blogs can combine different personalities or different reporters of information or instruction.

Personal/Personality blogs – it’s your name/you opinion. Attribute (and link) the same way you would an article. Let comments in unless they are downright attacks (“Purina tastes like crap”). Make sure you’re correct in your reporting and don’t publish false news.

You are not liable for other people’s opinions on your comments.

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