Is the title “editor” becoming obsolete?

By Jessica Zemler, ASBPE Communications Chair I recently read the e-Media Vitals post “5 new job titles for digital-first publishers” and my first instinct was to laugh. I mean, really… Director of Data Visualization? I love infographics as … read more

Bethune’s Back

Really well said by @johnbethune. His comments mirror my personal experience transforming a print outfit with a website into an online publishing outfit with print products. John’s spot on that it’s not a simple matter of doing online … read more

Calling All Designers

Win $100! Redesign the Azbee Award certificates by May 1 for the 2013 competition. Get a membership in ASBPE with access to free webinars, and the chance to prove that you’re an award-winning designer. That will look good … read more

Are You Emotional Enough?

By Alison Fulton Observe this photograph of two sweetly sleeping doggies….ahhh, how adorable. This image hopefully evokes an emotional response from you. (Full disclosure: they’re my dogs, Beau and Angel so I am totally prejudiced but I still … read more

Have you updated your portfolio recently?

Calling all designers/art directors/creatives/students of interactive design: How many of you have an online portfolio? How many of you have a portfolio website? You pretty much can’t get anywhere professionally anymore without one or both of these. If … read more

Miss the July 18th ASBPE bootcamp in New York City?

Attention all ASBPE-NY’s Bootcamp Attendees: PowerPoint and PDF decks of the July 18 event’s four sessions are now available online. To recap, the half-day Digital Boot Camp included these educational sessions: Navigating the Permeable Wall Between Editorial and … read more