May 2015 Ethics Update

Upcoming native ad webinar definitely is timely event

“Making native content work for your publication” – ASBPE’s May 13 webinar – couldn’t have come at a better time. The emergence of “native” practice – allegedly a spin-off of the “content marketing” approach – has been followed by a seemingly endless parade of disputes addressing ethical concerns. There also have been conflicting blogs over whether native advertising is the wave of the future or not long for this world.

Undoubtedly the most significant uproar yet resulted from the American Society of Magazine Editors announcement of new editorial guidelines. Causing the most stir was the impression that the previous native advertising advisory had been watered down. Key concern: publishers would now have free rein to assign the job of creating native ad content to staff editors.

A detailed analysis of the ASME incident is this issue’s lead item. You have an excellent opportunity to further pursue possible implications at the upcoming webinar. According to promotion material for the event, editors can overcome native ad hurdles “without sacrificing your ethics.”

There’s still time to register. The one-hour session – free to ASBPE members — will convene at 1pm ET/12-1pm CT. Session moderator is Pete Wiltjer, principal, Pete Wiltjer Marketing Group. Panelists include Joe Carbonara (Editor, Foodservice Equipment & Supplies, Editorial Director, Zoomba Group); Kayley Bogden (Project Manager, Custom Marketing Solutions); Frank Kalman (Senior Editor; Human Capital Media).

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