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April 2018 Ethics Update

With ASBPE’s May 10-11 conference nearing, we preview ethical issues at the forefront

Offering ethics guidance to ASBPE members—privately through our ethics advisories, or more broadly through newsletters, webinars and roundtables—has always been a key function of the organization’s Ethics Committee.

I stepped in as interim committee chair this year in time to help prepare for the May 10-11 ASBPE National Conference in Washington, DC. And so this newsletter was designed to help prepare the organization and its members for the ethical emphasis that the ASBPE Board envisions for that event.

Each of the five individual items in this newsletter contains elements that are predictive of the National Conference just ahead, as will be clear from the introductory editor’s notes I prepared. Taken as a whole, though, this Ethics Update should be timely in more ways than its link to the exciting Washington event just one month ahead. The articles also encompass such currently relevant topics as sexual harassment, the increasing power of the publisher, the role we as editors may play in censorship, and how to avoid serious pitfalls by vetting freelancers for possible ethical conflicts.

I hope you find value in this newsletter, and also feel encouraged to attend a National Conference that features powerful speakers and messages. Read more here.

—Roy Harris, Interim Ethics Committee Chair


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