January 2015 Ethics News Update

Fact-checking’s challenge: Can B2B editors do more with less?

Seeking ways to expand B2B fact-checking practices requires successful navigation through a sea of contradictions. Several publishing industry organizations agree efforts must increase dramatically. However, another widely-held view is that you can’t fact-check everything. Last but not least, many editorial staffs already struggle with swamped job descriptions. In this environment, how can workloads stretch to make room for another high-priority task?

The above daunting scenario rang through loud and clear months ago when Ethics News Updates editors began planning our January 2015 issue. Initial research suggested two realities:

  1. To do an effective job of covering fact-checking, we needed to devote this entire issue to the topic.
  2. ASBPE members could benefit from an advisory package offering reference value similar to our ethics code. So we’ve started work on a B2B fact-checking handbook.

The latter project will offer excellent take-away value only if we have your input. So please be responsive if asked to offer recommendations.

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