Ask ASBPE: When it comes to editorial quality versus revenue, what would you do?

ASBPE recently received this note from a member. On the heels of our National Conference and the recent ethics and editorial quality post, we thought it  helpful to see what our fellow editors could suggest for the note-writer.

I recently participated in a planning meeting where our sales team and editorial teams were discussing a project for next year.

I came to the meeting equipped with data that showed what topics had done well with our readers. My intention was to — like this year — create a project based on what our audience shows interest in.

The topics I suggested would provide the basis for good editorial quality; however, our sales team deemed them too difficult to sell sponsorships. Eventually, the group decided to develop a project series based on what sponsorships could be sold, not necessarily what has proven popular with readers.

I’m at an impasse with this concern over editorial quality. I don’t feel like I can talk to anyone at my company without seeming as though I was anti-revenue. In my role, I feel it is my duty to present things that are in the best interests of our subscribers and readers regardless of sponsorship.

I’m afraid I’m compromsiing my editorial quality and ethics if I don’t stick up for our audience; yet I’m risking my job if I do.

Any ideas?

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