How edgy are your business cards?

By Tonie Auer
ASBPE Blog Committee Chairwoman and DFW Chapter President

Yoni Greenbaum at “editor on the verge” blogged about the concept of keeping in touch with sources and being accessible as a writer to the public. He has a twist on business cards that includes other ways to access the writer such as including your links to MySpace or FaceBook on your actual business card.

I don’t know that I like that idea. Personally, on MySpace, I have pictures of me in a Dallas Cowboys jersey with a giant Tony Romo as my background. My Playlist includes Three Days Grace and Seether. I don’t think this is really how I want to project myself professionally on my business card. I suppose others may have more professional MySpace pages and I could create one, but it seems like one more thing that I have to deal with and I’m not all about that. My email and my phone number seem enough to me.

Am I wrong or just outdated?
Tonie Auer is the president of the DFW Chapter of ASBPE and the national blog committee chairwoman.

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