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“Heroes of B2B Media,” ASBPE’s 2023 National Conference:
What Editors Can Learn from Freelancers about Project Management

Original air date: May 11, 2023

Learn key insights, tools and strategies for content project management, whether you are a deadline-juggling freelancer or an editor juggling freelancers.

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Webinar Details:

Freelance journalists are constantly juggling multiple projects for multiple clients and publications, while trying to find productive ways to stay organized and in control of deadlines. Dropping the ball could mean losing business and even ruining your reputation. So how do freelancers approach project management to keep assignments running smoothly? And what can editors learn from freelancers to help them manage teams of writers more effectively?

This panel discussion features insights from freelance writers and editors who have learned to control (at least some of) the chaos that comes with content project management. They share systems, tools, tips and strategies for managing multiple projects efficiently, whether you’re a deadline-juggling freelancer or an editor juggling freelancers.

Panelists: Nicole Racadag, Senior Managing Editor, American College of Radiology; Heather Tunstall, President, Tunstall Content LLC and Corporate Content Director, Brand Media & Engagement, Meister Media Worldwide; and Brooke Turbyfill, Freelance Writer and Editor, Turbowords Editing
Moderator: Brooke Bilyj, Owner & Chief Content Officer, Bantamedia

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