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“Heroes of B2B Media,” ASBPE’s 2023 National Conference:
Keynote: The Power of Story with Nick Chiles

Original air date: May 11, 2023

Join Nick Chiles to learn about the enduring superpower of storytelling, including keen insights on how to get the best out of interviewees and improve upon the organizing and writing processes.

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Our brains are wired to respond to stories. We use stories to make sense of our world, to understand behavior, to remember important information. As storytellers, we have enormous power to shape the perceptions and emotions of others. It is an enduring superpower. Those who understand the power of narratives and how to manipulate them become the masters of all of our fates.

Speaker: Nick Chiles, Author & Writer in Residence, Journalism, Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Georgia

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