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“Heroes of B2B Media,” ASBPE’s 2023 National Conference:
ChatGPT: Hero, Horror Show, or Hogwash?

Original air date: May 11, 2023

Learn about the perils and promises of AI-based natural language processing tools, along with how to ensure your human-generated content remains superior.

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Webinar Details:

The internets have been awash lately with conversations about ChatGPT and other AI-based natural language processing tools. Stressed editors and writers have lots of questions. Are we going to lose our jobs? Are market rates for editorial salaries going to plummet? How can we identify bot-generated copy vs. real copy? The threat of chatbots is real. But they offer a significant promise. They can help us get past writer’s block. Create quick first drafts. Identify key themes to include in our copy. This session summarizes what we know of the peril and promise of chatbots. And, most importantly, outline a strategy for ensuring our human-generated content is always superior to what a chatbot spits out.

Speaker: Samantha Enslen, President, Dragonfly Editorial

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