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“Heroes of B2B Media,” ASBPE’s 2023 National Conference:
How to Launch Your Own B2B Podcast

Original air date: May 11, 2023

Join Brendan Howard and Michael Castañeda for an in-depth look at podcasting, from how to plan the podcast to what equipment to use.

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Webinar Details:

How do an audio engineer in Southern California and a podcast host in Kansas plan, interview, record, edit and polish a podcast for a B2B publisher? Learn from the dynamic duo of Brendan Howard and Michael Castañeda about reasons to podcast, how to podcast, why podcasts are better (or worse) than videos and written content, what equipment to use, and why you should stop worrying and just try it.

Speakers: Brendan Howard, Podcast Host and Michael Castañeda, Audio Engineer & Owner, plasticAudio

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