Call for Nominations: 2022 ASBPE Journalism That Matters Award

The ASBPE Educational Foundation launched the Journalism That Matters Award in 2009 to recognize a B2B, association, or trade publication journalist or team whose coverage of an issue triggered a tangible change within government or industry. 

If your publication, or one you know of, materially impacted the industry it covers by inspiring a company, industry group or agency to make a change based on the publication’s journalism, we want to hear about it. 

Nominate Work for the Journalism That Matters Award

The award was inspired by the outstanding journalism featured in the book Journalism That Matters: How Business-to-Business Editors Change the Industries They Cover (Marion Street Press, 2006). The book showcases changes in government policy or industry practices as a result of articles written by B2B, association, and trade journalists.

Because of its high bar, the award has been given to only three publications since it was created. 

In 2009, it was given to HSToday editor David Silverberg for his piece calling out the National Football League for a policy prohibiting ads referencing terrorism, borders and immigration. After the HSToday articles, the NFL changed its policy.

In 2011, it was given to The Spine Journal for protecting the integrity of scientific publishing. A special issue it published in June of that year called out ways industry sponsors undermined research and led to the retraction of an influential paper that had been based on biased findings.  

And in May 2018, the award went to Anne Galloway of VT Digger, who uncovered financial improprieties by one of Vermont’s most prominent business people, Bill Stenger, and his partners in an investment firm developing Jay Peak, a winter recreation resort near the Canadian border. As a result of several years of reporting, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission launched an investigation and later brought charges against Stenger and his partners.

We challenge you to be, or help find, our next honoree. B2B, association, and trade journalists are well-positioned to investigate harmful, unfair, or burdensome practices in government or industry.

Courageous journalism can lead to changes in government policy or industry practices by shedding light on a controversial government policy or practice, calling attention to an industry practice that is widely accepted but needs reform, or offering practical guidelines to improve performance within an industry.

If you or a colleague produced journalism that matters in 2022 we want to hear about it. All forms of media — including print, online, video, and podcasting — are eligible.

The nomination deadline is February 17, 2023. The winner will be recognized at the May 11-12, 2023 National Azbee Awards Banquet at ASBPE’s national conference in Atlanta, Ga. 

Nominate Work for the Journalism That Matters Award

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