ASBPE Seeks Judges For 2023 Azbees

The AZBEE Awards of Excellence

Registration is open for ASBPE’s Azbee Awards of Excellence, which means ASBPE is looking for industry
professionals to apply to be judges for this year’s contest.

ASBPE wants to invite experienced staff and freelance business publication editors, writers, designers,
consultants and academics to help judge this year’s awards. Each Azbee category is reviewed by at least
two judges, depending on the number of entries in a category and the prestige of the category. Judges
are given at least one month to evaluate entries.

All judges are compensated with 75 Azbee Bucks (the equivalent of $75) each year, which can be used
toward entries into the following annual competition, registration fees for regional banquets or the
national conference, webinars or local events hosted by ASBPE.

Many judges return each year to help, but ASBPE also encourages new professionals to help to keep the
contest current.

“Judging the Azbees has been a privilege, for several reasons, one being that it’s part of my ongoing professional development,” says Michael Lear-Olimpi, assistant professor of communication at Central Penn College. “Reading and evaluating articles helps me stay up-to-date on writing techniques, graphics and other data-presentation methods journalists are using in B2B content on websites and in print to attract and retain audiences. I use this information in my journalism classes, too, especially in feature writing and in my introduction-to-reporting class.” 

For the 2023 contest season, judging will take place from Jan. 24, 2023, through Feb. 24, 2023. The
deadline to become a judge for this year’s contest is quickly approaching. To sign up, complete this form by Thursday, Dec. 15.