Why Attend ASBPE’s 2017 B2B Media Success Conference? This Will Convince You (and Your Boss)


Hi there. It’s ASBPE here. You’re reading this because either you’re considering attending our B2B Media Success Conference or someone whose travel and professional development budget you approve wants to attend. Nice to meet you.

We know budgets around travel and professional development are tight. In fact, for many B2B media organizations, business model changes have stressed budgets more than ever. Which is exactly why your entire organization will benefit from your attendance at ASBPE’s annual conference.

Not only will the conference highlight the top work of B2B publications over the last year, it will include educational programs presented in conjunction with the Poynter Institute, a leading journalism think tank and educator. For even greater detail you can check out the full conference agenda here.

To read the full 2017 justification toolkit, click here.

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