NYC Chapter Event: Mobile Video Basics for Wordsmiths

Video is an essential and growing part of today’s content mix. But many new and veteran wordsmiths in B2B publishing are less than comfortable with video —especially mobile video.

That’s about to change. Join ASBPE-NY and EFA for “Mobile Video Basics for Wordsmiths,” a panel discussion on weaving mobile coverage into your context mix.

Our experts will discuss:
> Easy yet impactful ways they use mobile video that you can adopt
> Simple tools for shooting and posting video
> Video styles and formats that work best for different channels and content types
> Plus: We’ll spend time test shooting so you can get input from our experts  

Featured speakers include:
Ramon Ray, editor of Smart Hustle magazine

Ramon shoots video just about everywhere for his publication’s and conference’s websites and social media sites. He’s expert at capturing the moment whether he’s at an event, in his car, or walking down 5th Avenue. He parlays that immediacy into long-term reader engagement.

Ken Kraetzer, vice president of cbsi Financial and Marketing Services

Ken is rarely without his smartphone, microphone, and monopod. You’ll find him everywhere from major industry events interviewing keynote speakers to college football playoff games interviewing players and coaches. He’s adept at not only shooting and interviewing with his mobile phone, but editing, as well.

The presenters use video extensively as go-to content, weaving it seamlessly into their social media presence.

Click here to watch members-only video coverage of the panel.


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