Mike’s 24 B2B Editorial Essentials

By Howard Rauch Whether you’re talking about websites, digital magazines or conventional publications, high-quality content is essential. That’s not necessarily a new thought; however, it does seem to be getting more support from the B2B blogger community. In … read more

446 Articles Can’t Be Wrong

By Howard Rauch Routine E-news Coverage Will Be Our Downfall!! This commentary is based on the 50-site e-news survey I just finished and is a combination of my e-news philosophy and information that I found during the study … read more

Steer Clear of Top 10 Performance Infringers

By Howard RauchEditorial ConsultantEditorial Solutions Inc. My previous blog describing a productivity measurement system drew plenty of viewers, so apparently the topic is of interest. So let’s continue. To recap briefly, you need to determine how long it … read more