Bethune’s Back

Really well said by @johnbethune. His comments mirror my personal experience transforming a print outfit with a website into an online publishing outfit with print products. John’s spot on that it’s not a simple matter of doing online … read more

Innovate, Experiment, Evaluate, Repeat

Sharon Machlis, the online managing editor for Computerworld, shares why it’s important to constantly innovate, experiment and evaluate when it comes to improving communication among editorial staff or readers. There’s well-deserved emphasis these days on new technologies to … read more

Look Into the Numbers

By Maureen Alley Journalism and new media experienced a front-end collision in the last few years. Social media, faster news cycles and increased demand from all angles are driving journalists to report more at faster rates. And with … read more

Mike’s 24 B2B Editorial Essentials

By Howard Rauch Whether you’re talking about websites, digital magazines or conventional publications, high-quality content is essential. That’s not necessarily a new thought; however, it does seem to be getting more support from the B2B blogger community. In … read more