Upcoming Journalism Training

By Martha SpizziriASBPE Web Editor It’s right around the corner, but there’s still time to register for Media Bistro’s online course Reinventing Print Content for the Web. The class, which starts Monday, June 2, is aimed specifically at … read more

Are B2B Editors Experiencing a Leadership Lapse?

By Howard RauchPresident of Editorial Solutions Inc. If you believe everything you read on industry websites, the biggest impending trend is the abandonment of print in favor of a stronger website position (whatever that means). Recent blogs and … read more

B2B Publishing: Time to Fear?

By Tonie AuerDFW Chapter President and National Blog Chairwoman Sometimes, ignorance really is bliss. There are times when I feel like knowing too much information can be scary. I get several daily emails updating me on B2B publishing … read more

I’m voting for …

By Tonie Auer ASBPE National Blog Chairwoman and DFW Chapter President In this heated election year when politics are on everyone’s lips, Poynter brought up the valuable question of whether or not journalists should be allowed to speak … read more

Newsroom guidelines

By Tonie AuerASBPE National Blog Committee Chairwoman and DFW Chapter President Editor and Publisher found a way to get its hands on Seven Guiding Principles for The Washington Times Newsroom developed by the paper’s new executive editor, John … read more