Transforming the Editorial/Design Partnership for Digital

Anyone who has worked in print (as most B2B editors have) knows that it’s a whole different animal than digital publishing. Digital publishing is not simply reposting print pieces on the magazine’s website, but an effort to revitalize stories using digital mediums and tools. 

In their joint session “Transforming the Editorial/Design Partnership for Digital,” Claire Meyer, managing editor for Security Management, a publication of ASIS International, and Tyler Stone, art director at Security Management and creative services manager for ASIS International spoke about how they work together to bring their publication to life on the web.

The proofreading process has actually always been digital; it was accomplished through PDFs, email, and tasks management tools such as Asana and Trello. Web posting information was typically standardized in copy when filed with production, which was great for ensuring every article contained SEO information. But as more content becomes online-only, digital processes must expand. 


Meyer and Stone discussed some of the ways that visual elements differ between print and digital. For instance, bold, bright colors and simple images work best online, while animated GIFs are a nifty tool to attract the eye and keep readers engaged. They also stressed the importance of not wasting a pithy headline on the web — leave that for the print pages where it’ll be better appreciated!

The pair also imparted six tips to improve the creative-editorial process: 

  1. Use the magic words — please and thank you go a long way.
  2. Read the articles — this should go without saying, but the more familiar you are with the material, the more creative you can be with design elements.
  3. Be honest. If something isn’t working or is inappropriate, say so.
  4. Stay organized. And ideally, find a tool or platform that keeps your team engaged and in close communication. 
  5. Praise when praise is due. 
  6. Change can be good. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and experiment. 

The takeaway: Communication is critical to developing a healthy editorial-design partnership. 

ASBPE plans to feature more great educational sessions at its 2023 National Conference, which will take place May 11-12, 2023. The location is to be announced. Stay tuned to and ASBPE’s social channels to keep up to date.

Davina van Buren

Davina van Buren is a full-time freelance journalist and B2B content marketer who specializes in restaurant, hospitality and retail technology.  A former television reporter, van Buren loves to travel, meet new people, grow food and spend time outdoors with Katniss, her loyal cattle dog. She is the proud founder and editor of EcoTraveling Foodie.

van Buren was a 2021-22 recipient of ASBPE's Diversity Fellowship.

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